The Pod Couple

PodGal’s back in town! Woot, woot 

PodGal talks about a show that she is binging on on NetFlix and based on the show, has a question for PodGuy-she might be surprised by his answer.

Hot Nana's eyes are burning and the Province is in a State of Emergency.

A Treasure Trove of stories from Edmonton, everything from being addicted to walking, the new Windy City, Tree Garbage, on being resourceful, He wore that bag (it wore him)…..we want to meet the man underneath the bag is.

If you wanna have access to a menu of hundreds of beer, ya gotta check out The Sugar Bowl.

PodGuy enters into the dark bowels of Craig’s List and  rents a bike. Have you ever had a bike transform into a slide?

A Residential Pawn Shop

When the city is your backyard

All Aboard - The Street Car/Trolly. PodGuy and the bike, witness a dramatic boarding of the trolley and it ends with PodGuy????

Amazing Grafitti

The Mirage of Diversion and the Curse of the Mummy. She Ain’t Pretty She Just Looks That Way.

Oh That’s Really Interesting. That’s Wonderful, PodGal.

PodGal experiences negativity when turning her backyard into an oasis.  

Diversions is a mirage, Weather

Shout Outs to:

  • Sherlock Holmes on Campus, Edmonton, AB
  • The Sugar Bowl(Campus Location) Edmonton, AB
  • The High Level Diner
  • Leva (not mentioned but PodGal loved this place).
  • PodFriends 

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