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Kevin Kane (The Grapes of Wrath) and Bryan Potvin (The Northern Pikes) join the Pod Couple to talk about their collaboration as a duo, the building of an album (side 1 and side 2), their vision for the future, hotel names (take that you over-zealous groupie!), and so much more.

The show kicks off with the memory making moment of the Pod Couple’s first meeting with Kevin and Bryan.   

From there, Kevin and Bryan settle in to talk about the making of their self-titled album and how they transitioned from creating and performing music with bands to becoming a duo. The pair works so well together; Bryan sums it up best with his comment about their musical hearts being made of similar stuff.  A SHOUT OUT to Darryl Neudorf for the work he did with Kevin and Bryan on their album. There is interesting discussion about the Danish documentary ‘The Five Obstructions’ and how similar concepts were utilized in the making of side 2 of their album-very interesting stuff.

There is chat about remakes, the past being comforting, David Hasselhoff, Teletubbies, Kung Fury, a Tegan and Sara connection, the side of a van coming to life, reoccurring dreams, and the hotel names that the guys used back in the day.

Kevin and Bryan play a round of Dead or Alive, which includes interesting stories about Kansas, short shorts, Rick James, Prince AND a new catch phrase ‘on a scale of one to all of it’.

A HUGE thank you to Kevin and Bryan for taking time out of their busy schedule to sit down with the Pod Couple. PLEASE check out their new work and revisit the music from the Grapes of Wrath and The Northern Pikes. If you get a chance, you must see them live.

THANK You for allowing us to use your song ‘Best of times’ for our intro and extro.

Upcoming events:

  • - Shaun Majumber’s The Gathering Tour in Newfoundland
  • - The Northern Pikes 33rd Anniversary of the Big Blue Sky Tour (with Kevin Kane) (The Pod Couple already have their tickets for Victoria).
  • - 2018 – new record (can’t wait)

Where to find Kevin and Bryan:

@kaneandpotvin on Twitter

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Guests: Kevin Kane and Bryan Potvin

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