The Pod Couple

The Podcouple have special guest Dave Peniuk on the show and we talk about his new short movie "Psychikill" Behind the scene Pussy wrangling and Joint Fluffing exclusives.

The Podcouple also play What would you do? With Dave turning the tables on the Podcouple watch out for translucent man! 

A Boozy beginning  leads to discussions about Pam Anderson, bears and sacrificial door step.

The Podcouple are to storm Area 51 with the Strippermobile party mobile!

What dead Movie Star would you bring back to life?

Dave Peniuk is interested in Podguys comedy script "Ebola" 

Break out the baby watermelon and join us in the Chill Lounge!

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The Podcouple and special guest Tarantino Fan Boy Jeff Carpenter 

head to the "Movie Box" to see the latest Quentin Tarantino film

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood     ******spoilers******

There is even Tarantino Trivia! We discuss what we liked and what we didn't like and maybe even find some Tarantino easter eggs.

We rate the movie, Podgal breaks out in tears when we talk trailers.

Enjoy our movie experience and get in the groove! 

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