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A missing slab of wood has potential as a mote or pit for unwanted visitors. Talk of that missing piece of wood leads into a discussion about recent cul-de-sac drama  - thank god the SWAT chose the driveway and not the stairs!

Dougems then recounts a scary late night home experience. It wasn't an official segment, but it definitely begs the question - what would YOU do?

From there, the pod copule talks about their Seattle experience: moving forward one step er' i mean sentence at a time proved to be fatal.....what, Podgal, why didn't you read the part about the time limit to get to the elevator!!! it's one thing to get into the building, but a whole different story (er sentence anyway!) to get up to the room. 

The Pod Couple give a SHOUT OUT to Belltown Seattle - they loved the neighborhood.  

PodGuy has been doing a fair bit of travelling lately and ends up having a few bathroom stories  which involve a beautiful cleansing experience, an alleged soulless boy (you'll learn a tip do recognize such), a 5 digit bathroom code, and a luxury dump!

Another SHOUT OUT - this time to David at the Home Office in Belltown. He was AWESOME as was his very eclectic store!

Finally, they get to the Seattle Bar Crawl. A Shout Out to all of the new friends that they made and to the awesome folks from Carolla Drinks and Carolla Digitial (the pirate ship) - they were awesome.

The next day, after over 24 hours of not eating, they find themselves in the Pride Parade, witness to the AMAZING Spiderman, at the Chihuly Glass exhibit and then at the Pride apres parade party on the edge of the taunting's alot of fun. And did we say purple penis!

Seattle, until we meet again, thanks for a most excellent time! xo

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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