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Welcome to the PodCouple Episode 17 - Trainwreck

The PodCouple gets off to a rough start, as usual, and the debate ensues about editing, bloopers, and free flowing conversation. They certainly have ample material for a 'funny bits' and 'bloopers' episode!

PodGuy references 'the book' and brings up a beef which turns Dark. See facebook and twitter for a pic of the cute book, that apparently holds his inner thoughts!

Bloopers continue and then PodGal talks about cleaning her office, the birds, and something that 'shoots the poop' - 3 feet allegedly. Then the couple talks about the 'magestic' eagle.

PodGuy references 'the book' again and poses a question in which he and PodGal have differing preferences, and it reminds PodGal of her programming days and a pencil mishap.

Then PodGal brings up what she thinks might be a beef  - it's about PodGuy's towel management 'system' and how it impacts her bathing ritual.

They finish up with some random topics.

Finally, PodGuy wraps up with a bit of a contest - he will send one lucky listener a prize. As he said, email him at's checking email now!

Looking forward to Ep. 18, PodGal will have an update on the 4.5 hour meeting and the phone case situation as well as a few other updates.

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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal with ear flapping by PodDog in the background

Drinks: Conundrum Red (yum!) and Category 12's Black IPA (yum!)

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The Pod Couple starts off with PodGuy stressing about the peaking of the audio.  PodGal tells him not to worry and then goes on to profess her love for Phillip's Bottlerocket - an ISA which is known for being a gateway to the IPA.

PodGuy then talks about a nerdy starwars related gift that was a bit wonder PodGal was hiding it in the closet!

The Couple then updates the listeners on the tumbling of their rocks and recounts when they received the Tumbler. Pod Guy encourages Pod Gal to work on her editing skills. Let's see if she meets with success.

PodGuy seems to be over his man period from Ep. 15 and gives an energetic shout out to the listeners. We love you listeners!

PodGal then describes a bit of 'a situation' and needs advice on what to do. It involves an unwanted gift and cuteness over practicality.















PodGal finishes off the show talking about her passions, denying her love for PodDog and brings up an issue with the security issues of fingerprint passwords - especially if you are losing your fingerprints.

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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal with ear flapping by PodDog in the background

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!


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NOTE: this episode may contain more Star Wars SPOILERS

Ep.15 starts off with PodGal hosting the cast, PodGuy being concerned about some technical issues and his admission of being 'in a bit of a mood'.

The PodCouple is joined by Yoda who answers some questions. He works his magic to lighten up the mood and seems fairly agreeable.

The conversation turns to awkward, and dare I say, inappropriate body part questions.

Finally, the PodCouple talks about how behind they are, not even having celebrated New Years and it being the end of January already, the making of a movie and what a time sucker that has turned out to be. And then in the last minutes they pose the question of the day to Cortana and struggle with getting her to work. In the end, Cortana leaves the scene and never does answer their question.

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This podcast contains Star Wars SPOILERS

Well, he had called himself a Star Wars Fan, but some are calling him out on this since he's so late seeing new Film. What do you think?!

The Pod Couple sits down, freshly back from the movie. They discuss the movie, the surprise at the character driving the story, their view on the REAL star of the show, R2D2 vs BB8 (who would you rather hang out with?), and much more.  BTW, Pod Gal, not being a Power Sitter, is exhausted after spending the day sitting for over 14 hours. It's made her fidgety and it catches up to her as she learns, the hard way, that a lot can happen in a movie during the time it takes to drop a phone and recover it.

They ponder about the method of communication.....really, the futuristic society has mastered travelling to new galaxies and solar systems, but delivering a message is still accomplished via hologram delivered by a droid - seems odd.  Reminds of owls and carrier pigeon delivery......come on!

They are also hoping that you can get in touch with them. Pod Guy is going to help Pod Gal in responding to the emails.

Listen closely and see if you can hear Pod Dog's ear flapping! Pod Dog is always near by! She might make an 'appearance' on the show soon.


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The Pod Couple goes back into the vault. Listen in as they discuss having technical problems, lame catch phrases, being out of order, resolving to become more consistent, fornicating birds, a story about a kitten that starts with triumph and ends with the sad reality of what barn yard chickens can do.  Insert sad face.

The Pod Couple sits down with Doug'ems at the Tiki Bar. Join them as they are in mid conversation about the robot 'torture' scene in 'Return of the Jedi'. They then move one to stories of rock collecting in Drumheller, Mount Ranier and along the Fraser River. Learn about shoe sacrifices to the Hoodoo Gods and the perils of taking a cockamamie way out of the canyon as PodGal sees her life flash before her eyes. A special visitor surprises them with a gift - a Christmas miracle. ENJOY!

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The Pod Couple and guest have a fun chat at the Tiki Bar where they talk about Beer Porn (what exactly is it?), The Starwars Christmas, how to differentiate between the Wookie sexes, Rick Springfield, and then wrap it up with a discussion about very strict Peanut Butter allergy restrictions at school.

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The Pod Couple talks about happenings over the summer during a dry Run.  Pod Gal starts off by talking about early morning movies. Then Pod Guy brings up some things that have obviously been bothering him: Garburators Disguised as Composters, alleged empty dishes in the fridge and butter milk bombs. They then talk about cumcumber condoms, funny bits, rabbits in the neighborhood. Finally, they practice talking into the mike and avoiding dropping their phones.

The PodCouple recounts a time when Pod Guy was having such a good time, striding along, swinging his arms, singing a Bon Jovi song, when out of no where a Bear pounces out and ruins the moment.......and, speaking of Bon Jovi, who remembers 'what do you get a Wookie for Christmas when he already has a comb!'  Tweet us your ideas at  @thepodcopule or send us an email

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The Pod Couple chats about a drive home over a scary piece of highway, and the fear of the big, bad, fancy car that they almost merged into.  Pod Gal confesses that this is the first time she's been a nervous passenger. Stay tuned to the end - as love will return. Feel the love people.

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The Pod Gal describes an event that her mom went through in a community treatment centre where she and a fellow infusee were rudely shushed by a young many clad in sun glasses (he wears he sun glasses by day!) and happy socks. The Couple have differing views.  Weigh in by sending an email to or by commenting on their Facebook page.

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The PodCouple and guest talk about their experience of a forgotten candle and how it burns on as they venture out for a day at the flea market.  Amazed that it burned for 24 hours, pod guy is in awe whilst pod gal is alarmed.  Weigh in on the debate!

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The Podcouple and guest sit down and chat about the classic 80's Transformer movies, Bladerunner. They also discuss the origin and evolution of Transformers.

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