The Pod Couple

The Pod Couple kicks off the show with a snippet of a reading of The Zombie Apocalypse from Ladybird Books. What will it look like after the end of the world - Swipe Now Swipe for some good times. 

The Pod Couple attended Shanon Sinn’s Book Reading/Launch for ‘The Haunting of Vancouver Island’ and PodGuy's 'OCDC' looms large causing him to focus in and question some spooky decorations.

What Would Ya’ Do?

  • PodGal has a real life situation and needs some advice.  
  • PodGuy follows up with a Halloween themed what would you do. The horror fans might like this, PodGal didn't.

PodGal gets a real appreciation of the perils of going deep, deep undercover. She recalls the time that she was almost asphyxiated by a duvet, a big duvet – not the ‘lil one!.  

After the reading of 'The Haunting of Vancouver Island' The Pod Couple A Ghost Walk at a Village by the Sea.  Going in they encounter deep, dark ditches and are feeling vulnerable and very unprepared. 

PodGuy wraps with a final question to the listeners: What Movie Bar would you hang out at?

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!


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