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Ahoy dear listeners!  As autumn looms large, The Pod Couple makes the decision to move from light to heavy 'tic'. Sounds gross, but really, it isn't, it's quite delightful actually! However, the Pod Couple is having trouble adjusting to the change, and there's a lot of pop in and pop out going on!

Do you like dog kisses?  Someone does.  Oh but that PodDog breath - sheesh, that's gotta' go! The scent of Fresh Out House has never been in.

Move over cleavage and hello brows! PodGal gives an update on a new trend and PodGuy isn't happy.

PodGuy asks for an update on the Mind Twerking.


Pumpkin Carving Challenge – PodGuy is pretty damn cocky and controversy abounds! Oct. 20 – pumpkins to be revealed.

Cul de sac update- fears of aggressive cougars, broken bicycles and more!! Just when does Neighborhood Watch go too far?

PodGal does some Day Trippin’.  She brings back some Soap on a Rope and PodGuy has questions! An afterthought -Why is soap spelled soap and rope not spelt roap?

Final shout out to Dave Navaro – check out his movie ‘Mourning Son’.

Shout Outs: Ink Master, Dave Navaro and his amazing life directing, Critical Thinking Podcast and props to Geek Life Crisis AND to all of the wonderful listeners.

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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