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The Podcouple and Dougems travel Canada visiting different provinces, checking out landmarks and sampling specially brewed beer from up and coming craft breweries  with the help of Red Racers ACROSS THE NATION COLLABORATION MIXER PACK. 

Red Racer brings back the Across the Nation Collaboration for a third year with 12 new exciting beers from 12 popular Canadian breweries.

The Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration began as a celebration Canadian craft beer for Canada’s 150th birthday. Now in its third year, the mixer pack has grown to encompass the spirit of collaboration and to raise the profile of craft beer from coast to coast to coast.

This year’s mixer pack features a number of up-and-coming breweries in the Canadian brewing landscape. Beer styles range from traditional to experimental and everything in between. The Across the Nation Collaboration is Red Racer’s way of sharing the amazing quality of craft beer brewed across the nation.

“In our third year, the Across the Nation shows off the skill and ability of our Canadian brewery partners,” says Gary Lohin, Brewmaster at Red Racer. “We’re proud to work with such talented people to create these fantastic beers. Across the Nation is about raising the profile of Canadian craft beer, and this year we’ve definitely accomplished that goal.”

The Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration offers 12 unique beers, each one inspired by a desire to create excellent craft beer that each of our partners is proud to call their own. Every beer is named for a provincial landmark, helping craft beer drinkers explore our great nation through the stories, geography, and people that make every region unique.

The breweries partnering on the Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration this year are:

  • British Columbia: Moon Under Water Brewery – Kermode Kiwi Saison
  • Alberta: Troubled Monk Brewery – Badlands Sour Brown Ale
  • Saskatchewan: District Brewing – Manitou Dunkel
  • Manitoba: Barn Hammer Brewing – Narcisse Smoked Amber Saison
  • Ontario: Nickel Brook Brewing – Superior Berliner Weisse
  • Quebec: Brasserie Dunham – Eastern Townships Coffee Stout
  • New Brunswick: Grimross Brewing – Higher Tides Maplebock
  • Nova Scotia: Tatamagouche Brewing – Ocean Playground Belgian Tripel
  • Prince Edward Island: Copper Bottom Brewing – Panmure Island Bohemian Pilsner
  • Newfoundland: Port Rexton Brewing – Skerwink Haze Kveik NEIPA
  • Yukon: Winterlong Brewing – Top of the World NEIPA
  • Northwest Territories: NWT Brewing – Mackenzie River Kӧlsch
  • Join us through a journey of beers crossing Canada  as we drink a care of beer!
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