The Pod Couple

By popular demand, Space Goat joins The Pod Couple, and we are pumped! 

Pod Guy’s doing some Binging and ends up on The Pod Couple’s Facebook page. Check it out and listen along – it’s a happening place:

  • Weiner Water
  • The Incredibles – strobing evokes stroking
  • Can’t sleep? Check out the Bob Ross app – ‘we’re gonna have some fun, but don’t over do it’
  • What kind of bird would have nested in bob ross’ hair. Is that a frog in that pelican’s mouth?
  • There’s a dead mime in his bed
  • Dolly Parton, Netflix, Ranker, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene and, what is behind Dolly always wearing long sleeves?

Space Goat seems to have a segment: real life Iron man, the soul loop and over all massive love for Elon Musk - he is a super hero!

Buckle up as PodGuy relives a stressful drive to work involving a bike, a wipe out, a curb, and a bus driver! YIKES – first that PodGal has heard about it.  

Space Goat has some deep, deep, heavy, heavy fascinating philosophical stuff involving patterns which ties into Pink Floyd, bubbles and a laser.

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Hosts:PodGuy and PodGal

Guest: Space Goat




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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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