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Whatever You - Do NOT drink the water

A Banned Substance is BACK in da’ house, and boy, does it make PodGuy happy. He kicks off the show using his sexy, sexy voice….the banned substance obvs agrees with him!

PodGuy and PodGal sit down at the table and have a proper podcast after so many PB ‘audio periscopes’.

They recap their day at the river, and an emergency plunge into the cold, fast moving water – wonder whatever could make PodGal take that leap.

PodGal applauds the beer company, Salt Water Brewery, that makes biodegradable beer rings and PodGuy tells us about plant matter and how he’s going to go deep, deep undercover to get to the bottom of the matter. He then tells a tale from childhood about a memorable new type of ‘bottle’.

They then go back to more tales from the afternoon at the river.

PodGal has a secret – check out Instagram so you can see the secret that PodGal placed in the podcasting area. PodGuy said he noticed – but did he?!

PodGuy tells a story with a twist and it makes the Couple sad. He then follows up with a story about making breakfast and it leads to tales of eggs, cracking eggs, types of eggs, yolks, and finding eggs in weird places. PodGal has to go deep under cover to figure out about things being placed in weird places. Apparently it’s a Crazy House and speaking of crazy, PodGuy finds something disturbing in the drive way.

They then reminisce about fun times in PodGuy’s Mustang and all kinds of ‘hoopla’. Gotta’ love hoopla except for the dog that went missing. Sad Face.

They then go back to more river tales and how the podcast episode was named!

PodGuy then goes back to the driveway find. Would it be a red flag to find underwear in the driveway?

They then talk about more summertime fun, folfing and another interesting find! You can see a picture on our Instagram of the folf course picnic table find

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Guests: Ice Baby Ice, Crayfish

Drops:  Sometimes you just need a bit of Cheese in Your Junk, It was probably hatched on a Friday, That’s a lot of peckers, Let’s Call it a Push, That Water Raped Me           

Drinks: Phillip’s Bottle Rocket ISA (at the river)

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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