The Pod Couple
Year End Wrap - Celebrity Deaths, The Flintstones, The Penile Bone and More

Pod Guy starts off with Celebrity Deaths.

At about the 6 minute mark, Pod Gal sheds some light on  the appendix and what it might have been used for.

 12 or so minutes in PodGuy relays a tale of a caper and the lengths some kids will go to for more PokeBalls.

There's lots of drops and information. You'll learn about a little known fact about Ron Jeremy and Ghost Busters.

The group then reminisces about some lunch time routines. They talk about The Flintstones (It's a Living!), Rocky and Bullwinkle, Battle Star Galactica and more.

Stay tuned to the end - you might hear a bit of Dougems/PodGuy singing.

HAPPY 2017 everyone and thanks for listening!!!! hearts, hearts and more hearts


PodGuy 'Is this segment done yet?'

PodGuy 'You lost me at creator'

'Are we sea monkeys'

Dougems: 'who has a penis bone'

Dougems: 'It's not like he cut her thumb off'

Google: 'Do racoons have a bone in their pecker?'


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