The Pod Couple

Join The Podcouple as Podguy tells about his social distancing arcade covid dream.

Ape Escape 69                 Muffin cups                 Change Trash

Everyone get a pill ring with pill, what would you do with yours?

Alien 4  not a happy movie.

Wizard of Oz the lion as a bit of a Dick, Podgal does her wicked witch imitation

Podgal finds Crank the movie relaxing

Early morning ghost story with Meepers

What are the Friends characters net worth?

Flags Erected

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Podguy proclaims this podcast to be "Podcouple Gold"

Lots of ENERGY in this podcast and LOL's aplenty  

Hot questions! What kind of dino that's short for dinosaur  would you ride?

Need a hat? Lids is always open

Itchin’, hankerin’, 

The Pod Couples stories have gone Missing in Isolation.

Oh Hold on, PodGal found one!

What kind of tattoo would you get and where?

In the great afternoon sun, amidst the rock collection of the flower bed, the crows played a trick on the Pod Couple.

Crow Sounds -you know who can do one?  The World Could Do With A Little Harland Crow Sounds.

Harland wrote a Tiki book! No wait the Podcouple did

Come read with us

We would be elated 

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Who impregnated that pause?

Hey Harland?

The great potatoe debate: Russets or Yukon Golds? \

Meeps and her ‘Lego’

PodGuy turns down a hot stone massage

Post Apocalyptic Cart – what would YOU bring?

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal

Twitter: @thepodcouple



Instagram: @thepodcouple

Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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hout out to Harland Williams – The Covid’s brought the Harland Highway Back and that’s brought The Pod Couple back!

There’s a bit of beer talk as Pod Guy checks his book – he has ideas – everything from Pumpkin Summer Beers to Dark Summery Ale. All that beer talk, reminds Pod Gal that she’s devastated - Phillip’s Brewing, could ya’ please  bring back The Bottle Rocket

PodGuy has a question –  listen up guests to be, cuz rumour has it that it might be reoccurring.

Covid 19 Tip - Watch your P’s and T’s, and a binge watching recommendation.

Monster Magnet Memories and an isolation concert tribute

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal

Guest: Dougems

Twitter: @thepodcouple



Instagram: @thepodcouple

Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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