The Pod Couple

It’s The Pod Couple and wait for it – Super Taster – Dougems back at their mics.  PodGal kicks off the show apologizing for giving some bad deets on horse pee posture – she’s trying to keep that fake news real! 

The gang talks about their time on the disc golf field, spiritual moments walking amongst the trees, and sunlit shadows, and ‘stick fighting’ – you know, just like Morgan practices on The Walking Dead.

They then head into dodecahedron chat and the speaking of secret languages.

PodGuy rounds off the show with some pop culture news:  Ready, Player, One, Indiana Jones, It: Chapter 2 and have ya’ heard – Mad is Risen (come on – Easter just happened, forgive the grammar!)

Dougems throws in some Antique Roadshow round up involving smoking automatons.

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal

Music: Vexento – Where We Belong

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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