The Pod Couple

Podgal's on edge, but reminiscing about the first date at PodGuy's house, the dinner before with her friend who had recently gone through a breakup, and playlists seems to take the edge off. 

Bedazzled balls anyone?

The memories of the first date at PodGuy's house reminds The Pod Couple about some strange events that occurred in the flower Garden - sparkly things were disappearing and then reappearing...was this the work of PodGuy messing with PodGal, vice versa, something more sinister or simply the tricks of one of PodGal's fav. creatures.


PodGal disappears in the bathroom at Newcastle Island and PodGuy becomes concerned. 


Back to Newcastle Island Adventured – bathroom misadventures, tilley hat reservations and seniors and icecream. 

Senior Seniors armed with icecream cones, wrinkles and tongues.

Edgar saves PodGuy’s sanity whilst waiting for the ferry. 

PodGuy reads from the Book of Kenny Rogers

A Shout OUT to Kenny Rogers…..PodGal gives a shout out to Kenny for saving her life!


He didn’t say whore house, he said war house.

Ho – who says Ho? HO’s is horrible.

From Stop Harper to I LOVE Sluts.

She loved the club.

Weekend smoker, but not a weekday moocher

Bumming ‘til the weekend.

Can I rub your bum, I mean can I bum a smoke.

The pinhole method is 99% effective

It was the fast lick

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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