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The 'What do ya’ know about Yetis?' conversation leads the Pod Couple into a chat about The Island of Misfit Toys, Christmas TV, the lack of Christmas  at The Pod Couple's house, AND a proclamation for 2017 Xmas.

Netflix on the Beach, takin’ Netflix and Chill to a new level.

More CRUD love.  

Scratch those certain places with a vanilla stick

Potato Salad

Stolen fennel weeds

Tins of candies <pic> Afternoon Dutch Delight – like tar, licorice tar

Hard Core Cooking – and Podguy has a challenge

Earth Worms – we don’t eat them; we save them.

PodGuy apologizes

They Pod Couple proclaims their love for their Vegas Shot glasses. 

New School Horror (syllables really do make a difference)

Podgal's cravin’ a Kit Kat.

Bubble Therapy and adult camps.

The rights of the AI - be careful, you've seen those clamps!

More Adult Camp brainstorming

Bubble Party, Internet issues and loose lips  PodGuy talks about a trip to WEM and a wonderful experience that he had at the Disney Store.  


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