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The Pod Couple & Special, Regular Guest sit down over some bevies where a variety of topics come up: everything from eating oranges in the shower, bare naked ladies, searching for Tony Shalhoub, a sheep, a bear and a cliff not mixing, a BC first – BABY: gender unknown, and much more. 

They kickoff off with BC’s  first - Baby Gender: Unknown

PodGal proclaims her love for Quineau and her challenges with the pronunciation, but they did have her at Quineau - too bad that damn kale is so nasty – more stomachs are needed to digest that stuff. Jeez.

If anyone is interested, we have a nice Quineau Cake (not cake) recipe. Email us if interested!

Shout Out to Ink Master – #thepodcouple loves it and Pod Gal’s thinking about getting a tat!

Dougems goes Backstage & attempts to bust some chops and see some Bare Naked Ladies.

In search of Tony Shalhoub-PodGuy throws down the gauntlet. And PodGal calls up the Air Force.

Have you ever eaten oranges in the shower? PodGal will fill ya’ in. Join the sub reddit, join the movement!

BRATT with two T’s.

The use of emojis – when is it okay to use a heart?

A bear, a sheep and a cliff. They couldn’t keep their cool.

A new type a crab comin’ your way. Crab on Crab. Crab fortified Crab. Crab in lunch room anyone??!!!

Do you remember the day that disco died? ‘Disco Demolition Night’ ‘They even burnt Marvin Gaye albums’, a double header no more, explosions and more.

PodGuy promotes new show where he’ll allegedly will be going ‘ga ga’ over Billy Idol.

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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Guests: Dougems

Shout Outs:          Tony Shalhoub

                              Vancouver Island Music Festival in Courtenay, BC

                              Rita Coolidge

                               Ink Master, Spike TV

                               Bare Naked Ladies



                                Oranges in the Shower and the Sub Reddit

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