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Recorded on National Beer Day and fresh off of popping their Live Instagram chat cherries, the podcouple takes a break from setting up for their Dance Party to Cheers and Freewheel on the podcast.

They recount the experience on Instagram and how a certain device can take them from Happiness to Hell in a matter of seconds.

They then recount a wonderful airport pickup, a previous dance party that involved spiderman, sirens, a smoke machine, and of course, a disco ball and, hey, what dance party would be complete without some EDM (sorry Adam) and some PEACHES.

At 14:13 The Pod Couple takes a break and gives a shout out to: GEEK LIFE CRISIS.  Check out their podcast!!

They return and talk about National Lava Lamp and some perils of collecting lava lamps, meeting in strange places and the downside to ordering bulbs over the internet. PodGal is pleased as she’s recruited a friend of hers to start getting ready for Lava Lamp Day 2018. 

At 23:55 minutes in they talk about shopping for vinyl and some weird finds.

At 26:05 they give another shout out to Scream Queen’s Podcast and the ear worm that is still floating around in their heads.

PodGal then remembers the time when she was the victim of thoughtless parking lot nappers – damn them….give a girl some space, ok?!!

At 32 minutes in, they venture into movie talk. There will be spoilers as they talk about M. Night Shymalan’s latest movie ‘Split’ and reference some of his other films.

They end their show with a shout out to the awesome podcast community….lots of love and support with #podernfamily. 

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Spots:   Geek Life Crisis and Scream Queen’s Podcast - Check their podcasts out, okay, and give them a 5 star ratings and some stellar reviews. Thanks!

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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