The Pod Couple

PodGuy tries his best to get PodGal to cave to reveal the special guest. 

Recorded on National Pizza Day – Have you had your pizza today, or last week, or the week before?

4 minutes in PodGuy has horror movie news: both good AND bad. What do ya’ want guys – the good or the bad?

6 and a half minutes in, PodGuy goes sleuthing to discover who is kicking…….allegedly Dougems’ chair doesn’t squeak.

9 minutes in, PodGuy gets back into horror movie talk. Dougems tries to keep up!

9:50, PodGal talks about one of her favorite movie podcasts – Skip to the end. Check it out!!! They talk about Seventease! Seventease! Seventease movies!

12:20 PodGal talks about more seventies movie memories, the drive in, some of her parents movies at The Drive In. Dougems and PodGuy bring up some obsure ones.

14:30 Podguy comes up with a name that he wants a character to be names in a TV show. Yo Penskie.

15:15 Podgal give an update – hot off the press! Or was that breast?! PodGuy has a technology update as well!

18:05, PodGal has no choice to bring up Planet of the Apes, her beloved Planet of the Apes. Listen in to see if you can find the minute where more beer is being poured. Be the first to email or email us with the correct answer and you’re in for a shout out and, maybe even a prize! Discussion around the upcoming Planet of the Apes movie brings Podgal to a memory about a dream of a ‘Cheers’ character.

22 minutes in PodGuy checks his feed and talks about a scene that he would like to see filmed. #snowmageddon2017 and how it ties into a Bond movie.  Speaking of slipping and sliding, the group wonders what Bond got the most action. PodGal really wants to go on a James Bond Binge.  Who’s your favorite Bond? Listen in to see who PodGal has chosen, and who the guys have chosen.  Apparently Sean Connery nailed it – whatever that means – or so says PodGuy.  Stay tuned for some stats coming in the next Pod Couple PodCast – that would be the week of Feb. 27.

29:05 – PodGuy has the best google search of the week. Listen in –he’s excited…hope  he can pull it off, or hope PodGal can.

30:15 – PodGuy has a new segment, much to the other member’s surprise.  It’s fun!

Recorded on National Pizza Day – Have you had your pizza today, or last week, or the week before?

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Guests: Dougems

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