The Pod Couple
An Epic Adventure Complete with a Time Vampire, A Concert, Secret Passages, Fearing for our Lives,  and a Bad Ass Beard Care Review

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PodGal kicks off the show with a proclamation – she is going to EAT THE MIC.

PodGuy talks about the challenges of the commute to their YVR Adventure, the ensuing chaos, the time vampire

The Pledge:

PodGal kicks off the show with a pledge to Eat The Mic.

The Weather:

It's a SnowDay - fun for some, but not for the commuters in Vancouver and Vancouver Island. After the Pledge they kick off the show describing their travel woes.

The Hotel:

From there, they make it to their hotel, and experience a few things:

The Time Vampire

The Scolding

The Pizza Man

The Pubs:

The Morrissey Pub on Granville Street

The Donnelly Brother's Cinema Public House on Granville Street

Secret Passages and Quickies?

The Scares: (13 minutes in, but PodGuy hijacks some of the story

Thank journey through the park, alongside and amidst isolated parking lots and dead end roads, PodGal fears for their lives. Who knew that the decision to turn left instead of right could be so dire.

Popping Cherry Moments: (33  minutes)

PodGuy's first experience with a Christmas 'treat' and tradition in many places

Shout Out:  (39 minutes in)PodGuy gives a shout out and testimonial to Bad Ass Beard Care.


Beard Groping

The World's Best Dump

Canyon Lights

The Dandy Warhols

The Wrap:

Canyon Lights, Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Mad Dash to The Commodore Ball Room for The Dandy Warhols Concernt.

The Concert Review

AND, finally, some last visits to their fav. pubs, and what a night 2 dollar beer Tuesday turned out to be.




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