The Pod Couple

It's Drinks and Beer Can Chicken night, and, boy oh boy, does PodGal ever enjoy a SUPERCHARGED can of Phillip's Bottle Rocket. 

PodGal fills Dougem's in on the grizzly find. 'Zoom In', she said. 'Zoom in.'

If your tired of hearing about the find and you think it is all rehash - skip along to the Bears talk and learn a valuable lesson about why NOT to leave your Power Bars in your car. PodGuy talks about a film idea and Dougem's even describes his idea for an opening shot.

The group takes a break to devour some yummo food.

And.....they're back. The Vader theme (you know one!) kicks off the second half, and discussion ensues about Vader - hashtag Vader.

PodGuy then has some great news re: a Rogue One Rumour.

PodGal then tells the tale about PodDog's afternoon misadventures. Check out Instagram, Twitter, and or Facebook for the pic. of a forlorn - or is that her guilt -  looking PodDog. Feel free to send us your stories about what YOU thought she had been up to.

PodGal then talks about her own misadventures involving not knowing when enough (coconut oil that is) is enough.

The group then talks about some Disney Movies and an interesting connection to Pink Floyd.

Well that's it folks - Listen In.  Brrrrrrring.....gotta' go - just heard Tinkerbell's bell.

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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 


She's not happy 'til she sees Dougems' puking. 

Drinking List:  Caesars and BottleRocket


Twitter: @thepodcouple