The Pod Couple

Listen in to the PodCouple as they test out their new equipment.


PodGuy kicks off the show asking PodGal what she thinks the PodCouple’s podcast is all about. From there, they talk about all kinds of things: enjoying the rain, puppies, panty parties, blood and what it personifies, food debacles, the new Uncle Buck, kimonos, and even some Trash Polka! Enjoy the listen!

The PodCouple gives another shout out to Cabela's and Virtual Reality and a new shoutout to Orajel and one of their favorite reality shows and its host.

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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Drinks:  PodGuy: Mixing it up a bit with a Rum and Soda, garnished with the wedge of a giant lime

             PodGal: Phillip’s Bottle Rocket. Oh, how she loves a bottle rocket!

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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