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Welcome to the PodCouple Episode 17 - Trainwreck

The PodCouple gets off to a rough start, as usual, and the debate ensues about editing, bloopers, and free flowing conversation. They certainly have ample material for a 'funny bits' and 'bloopers' episode!

PodGuy references 'the book' and brings up a beef which turns Dark. See facebook and twitter for a pic of the cute book, that apparently holds his inner thoughts!

Bloopers continue and then PodGal talks about cleaning her office, the birds, and something that 'shoots the poop' - 3 feet allegedly. Then the couple talks about the 'magestic' eagle.

PodGuy references 'the book' again and poses a question in which he and PodGal have differing preferences, and it reminds PodGal of her programming days and a pencil mishap.

Then PodGal brings up what she thinks might be a beef  - it's about PodGuy's towel management 'system' and how it impacts her bathing ritual.

They finish up with some random topics.

Finally, PodGuy wraps up with a bit of a contest - he will send one lucky listener a prize. As he said, email him at's checking email now!

Looking forward to Ep. 18, PodGal will have an update on the 4.5 hour meeting and the phone case situation as well as a few other updates.

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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal with ear flapping by PodDog in the background

Drinks: Conundrum Red (yum!) and Category 12's Black IPA (yum!)

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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