The Pod Couple

The Pod Couple starts off with PodGuy stressing about the peaking of the audio.  PodGal tells him not to worry and then goes on to profess her love for Phillip's Bottlerocket - an ISA which is known for being a gateway to the IPA.

PodGuy then talks about a nerdy starwars related gift that was a bit wonder PodGal was hiding it in the closet!

The Couple then updates the listeners on the tumbling of their rocks and recounts when they received the Tumbler. Pod Guy encourages Pod Gal to work on her editing skills. Let's see if she meets with success.

PodGuy seems to be over his man period from Ep. 15 and gives an energetic shout out to the listeners. We love you listeners!

PodGal then describes a bit of 'a situation' and needs advice on what to do. It involves an unwanted gift and cuteness over practicality.















PodGal finishes off the show talking about her passions, denying her love for PodDog and brings up an issue with the security issues of fingerprint passwords - especially if you are losing your fingerprints.

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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal with ear flapping by PodDog in the background

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!


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