The Pod Couple

You’re in for a spur of the moment, casual experience for this episode. Join the Pod Couple on the Princess (PB) as the Turkey Vultures (TVs) circle……

Pod Guy kicks off the show and poses a question and a little known fact about Guinness.

Pod Gal goes on to talk about crossing pens with a fellow clicky multi ink pen user! And….that’s not all they have in common!

They then commiserate over the fact that they won’t be attending the Pemberton Music Festival. They are so tempted to invite Doug Benson over for a house comedy concert or the like. And for some reason, the outside sleeping area comes up.

Pod Gal brings up the bean seeds and Pod Guys launches into what could be called a definite BEFF! They then brainstorm on a plan to heighten the trellis and Pod Guy talks about an every day time that he finds ‘terrifying’. Let us know your thoughts on this item and whether you think it is good or evil.

They then discuss their Saturday night plans and an upcoming podcast episode.

They wrap with some Bill Murray and Martin Short discussion.

Drop: I have such a hard on for that pen

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Drinks:  PodGuy: Guiness

             PodGal: Who Knows – something bubbly and non memorable

Twitter: @thepodcouple



Instagram: @thepodcouple

Zedge: Check out our Notifications and Wallpapers. Pod Guy is really into it!

Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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