The Pod Couple

“The Ripper”

Pod Guy welcomes the listeners to the podcast and commits to it being a ‘ripper’! Hang on and enjoy the listen!

Pod Gal gives an update on the use of the emoji in response to PodSon#1’s text. She then has a bit of a beef and goes through some of the many, many open internet tabs on her phone. She then talks about how Japan’s women’s curling team inspired her and reminded her that it is okay to laugh and have fun at work. Doing a good job and having fun aren’t mutually exclusive. She finishes up this portion talking about how Kenny Rogers saved her life whilst driving home from a volley ball tournament. Train, ‘Calling all Angels’ did the same thing at a very different time as did Harry Potter (on tape)!

Pod Guy talks about ‘social lubrication’ and the couple goes on to talk about their thoughts on Vaseline on the nightstand, asking a friend who’s gay to be more flamboyant for a day, breast feeding, La Leche League, what happens when the guys take over social event planning at the office, etc.


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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal with ear panting by PodDog in the background

Drinks: a very less than average Red Ale

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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