The Pod Couple

Hey Pod Friends, Pod People and newly Podded listeners, Pepe sends Podguy a revealing question.

 Let’s get personal. And guess what, they’ve been phished and there were consequences – thanks Hotmail.

 Phoning it in with Harland Willams, celebrity Big Brother and Tom Green


Podguy takes you an a  Journey to Imagination Land. Hobbits, bulls, velvet and painting, Dr. Wizard, pink plums, muscle cars, and tiny baskets, of course Podguy goes dark.


The Sewers of Paris. Cholera. 


  Improv games.

Secret, secret – we’ve got a secret


Party planning- quality of quantity


Fun PodGal fact – she’s a touch typist


Don’t Mess with PodGuy and his avocado.


 Mean cats and PodGal’s first and last cat. Charlie and the demise of Fluffy. Charlie’s claim to fame.


PodCast – Stephen Fry – conversation with Sam Harris

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