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Space Goat joins The Pod Couple podcast on this Christmas themed episode.

The question of to ‘Merry Christmas’ or not comes up and PodGal conducts a social experiment whilst manning the Kettle drive.   And then there’s that bag of nickles and dimes – Oh PodGuy - which brings SpaceGoat in worldly wisdom to inform us about CoinStar.

PodGuy shares  the Christmas memory of Gasoline Cake

There’s talk of traditions such as Christmas Crackers, HOT TOYS for 2018,  perfectly titrated bottles, savory bits of life AND spoiler the best wedding gift of all – a bonafide carousel.  

PodGal and Space Goat talk about some of their Christmas memories – PodGal has a surreal, sad experience and SpaceGoat remembers both happy and sad times.

PodGuy talks about gunsticles, the Crud Christmas party ,  and his first real tree.

Space Goat talks about ‘Joyeaux Noel’ and The early days of Xmas – you know, from the days of the Roman Empire.

The gang talks about Vancouver and Canyon Lights, Figgy Pudding and Eggnog without the Nog and so much more. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. May peace be with you always. And, here’s to a wonderful 2019 for us all – may it be filled with much happiness. Peace!


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Guest: SpaceGoat

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