The Pod Couple
Welcome Podfriends, and yes you too Podpeople!
I'ts official  Podguy and Podgal are "On the Rag"
Join us and SPECIAL GUESTS Spacegoat and Regina
as we talk about that darn humidity in your vehicle
Spacegoat News - Elon Musk and his Big Flippin' Rocket.
Podgal tells a survival story about a Famous Goalie
A supernatural What would you do?
Bartering with Genies
Podgal's Paperclips and Workplace controversies
Buy my shit! "I put that shit on everything!"
We didn't talk about Disney hot sauce's but Podguy really wants to.
Spacegoat is confused about vitamins.
Heat creams and skin showers.
Pod Friends, What tabloids did you read?
Siri and Tom Cruise back together again and sex robots.

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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal

Guest: SpaceGoat & Regina

Twitter: @thepodcouple




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