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Nice cans, nuns and growlers.  What an episode! Grab a couple of growlers, fill a glass and join us for some Phillip's Bottle Rocket and some Driftwood Naughty Hildegard. Learn how to pour a growler! Who knew there were so many techniques. Come on, you gotta' be kidding me, The Reverse Baby and The Shoulder Pour? We gotta' video this!

It's a blind taste test and they're 'growlin' it! Will Dougems and Pod Gal be able to pick out who's who in the land of ESBs? The Naughty Hildegard is going up against one of PodGal's favs and she has some stories - some bottle rocket stories involving one of PodGuy's favorite bands, Monster Magnet, the Rickshaw theater and hoarder.

Cheers everyone! 

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Guests: Dougems

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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