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On a day where the sun is bathed in smoke, The Pod Couple goes on a day trip filled with adventure.  They start off at Spider Lake Provincial Park where PodGal gets buzzed as her beloved dragon flies check her out, she makes a wish and a splash and off they head down a pure, uncut gravel road (complete with washboarding) to Horne Lake Provincial Park.  They then head towards home and stop in at the Coombs Country Market where they experience goats and balls on the roof, the perfect fit for PodGuy, voodoo dools and wind up toys.

They make it home, PodGal ends up sicker than a dog and abandons some family time and her beloved Ink Master.  Her dire situation, leads PodGuy to seek advice from the listeners – almost like a What Would You Do PodGal style. 

Throughout the day The Pod Couple reflects on how they were not tempted to look at the sun during the eclipse, but the sun in smoke is oh so tempting….check out Instagram pics – the sun morphed into a fireball at one point!

PodGuy picks up a magazine and reads some of the headlines and  comments on the contents.

Movie Fans, we are going to see IT on Friday with spoiler laden podcast out on Sunday.  Dave Peniuk, Jeff Peniuk and Paul Whittington will be joining us.  If you aren’t busy this weekend and are inclined to do so, go see IT so that you can listen in to the movie discussion early next week! Red Balloon anyone?  IT shenanigans in Pennsylvania inspire PodGuy. 

PodGuy reads Confessions from Cosmo and has a theory about the contents.

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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