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The Pod Couple looks forward to their upcoming Iron Maiden Concert, and Bruce Dickenson's classic 'Scream for Me <insert city name>' scream. Who else 'sing screams', besides Dave Grohl that is?

PodGal then thanks the PodGuy for assisting her with the reset of some of her car's digital settings that were lost after the car battery died, alone, at the airport. The Couple then has a debate on the reason for the battery's demise.  Stay tuned and listen in  to the end of the show - PodGal tells a tale about how her GPS taking on some macabre characteristics.

PodGal has an Update from PodFriend about the boa discussion in the previous episode.

The PodCouple then talks about ice in the mouth, and, coincidentally shortly thereafter happens upon an episode of 'Scubs' that talks about Ice Tongue.

PodGuy's pumped about 4- 26:  the International Alien Day.  Stayed tuned for a video from The Couple!

Thanks Harland Williams for the inspiration - check out his podcast, the Harland Highway, and the Pod Couple's Notifications on Zedge, and, hey, if you want a personalized ringtone, the first 10 people to email the PodCouple requesting one will receive a free personalized ring tone.

PodGuy is ready to intervene - he's quite concerned about the time PodGal spends listening to Pod Casts. Clearly PodGuy hasn't been listening - did you hear - he accidentally tried to glom on to Adam Carolla's 'Get it On'.  Bad PodGuy. They continue to look forward to their first experience with Mangria. Come to us MANGRIA! Vancouver screams for you.


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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal with ear flapping by PodDog in the background

Drinks: Rum in a nice glass accompanied by very noisy ice cubes.

AND A Malbec from Argentina – Dona Paula, Los Cardos, Malbec 2015 (fondly known as 'The Thistle Wine')

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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