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Very special guest, Adrienne, joins the Pod Couple to talk about the last leg of the Carolla Drinks Bar Crawl in Seattle. 

The group talks about PodGal being voted out, a mantra review, a SHOUT OUT to the lovely Lynette Carolla, a bar review, the lackeys, and Dr. Drew. It seems that the group (well Adrienne and Shelly) anyway, would love to be lackeys for a summer!!!

They then talk about Canada's 150th birthday and how Adrienne spent July's awesome!!  Can you say DERBY - and can we (someone) make her a ribbon

From there the chat about FORKS, WA, reoccurring dreams.

There's an update on the porch hole.

Finally, they talk about a weird luncheon meat.

And a SHOUT OUT to the CLALLAM COUNTY SHERIFF's office for listening in!

The Pod Couple says good bye to Adrienne and then they call DAVID from Home Office in Belltown, Seattle. The Pod Couple met him - he was GREAT - so helpful....can you say spicy sausage sandwich, awesome IPA and a great neighbourhood tavern. The Home Office saved the day on a number of occasions - thank god they were able to do some printing AND try on leather jackets!

THANKS David and The Home Office. See you when we are next in Belltown.

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Guests: Adrienne, David and Seattle BarCrawl memories

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