The Pod Couple

Join The Pod Couple and Dougems for a special episode over beers on the deck.

The gang starts off with a teeny, tiny bit of Ghostbusters pre-talk but quickly moves on to chat about Rick Moranis, SCTV, Walking in someone’s else’s shoes (literally), The Price is Right, Lucy the Elephant, a debate about a dog’s life and animal rights, the future of drone delivery, the vroom vroom of a camero and much more.

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Guests: Dougems – he’s back

Drops: I’d like to pin that thing, man.

Twitter: @thepodcouple



Instagram: @thepodcouple

Zedge: Check out our Notifications and Wallpapers. Pod Guy is really into it!

Books: Presidential 21 on Amazon

Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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