The Pod Couple

PodGuy goes from rocking the day to the day rocking him.  PodGuy has a tale from the past week and it's a doozy!

It’s that time of year again– road construction season – it’s shutting down the city but, boy, could she flag. Her flagging was fun! 

Saving pee for a good reason – PodGuys learns a life hack.

PodGuy’s downloaded an app and even plays a beat- Beat Maker Go  

PodGal talks about Porn Hub’s May 4th searches and IFL’s top ten most common passwords by pop culture and love/hate categories.

Amazon Alexa – come on! It’s not cool that you are eavesdropping, recording and sharing. Get a grip. Not cool

Hosts:PodGuy and PodGal

Music:Vexento – Where We Belong

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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