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Steamworks Umeboshi Japanese Plum Infused vs Moon Under Water Copper Kettle Sour

The Pod Couple and Dougems foray into the sour beer world and things derail – perhaps their palettes need to adjust to the trending world of the sour beers. Take a listen and see what the sour beer newbs have to say.

Some of the things you might hear: malt infused, back on trend, sour, really sour, vomit, ferment, dry hop, after the boil, the only thing worse than apple juice is apple juice breath, did I say after the boil, he’s on trend, I could chug that bomber right now no problem, holy smokes, that makes me thirsty, let’s drink at the til, first kettle soured, generously dry hopped, or did you say dry humped, dry humping may give it the extra flavour, 500 lbs of fermented sour plums, lacto bacillus, beer champagne, podgal’s assessments, it’s dry, so dry.

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Guests: Dougems

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