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Pranks Gone Too Far and Good Luck Googly Eyes

Pranks Gone Too Far

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PodGuy has a couple of predictions;  one being somewhat exciting, yet a tad scary.  PodGuy has an update of her own. She then talks about a new ‘friend’ who’s given her an ultimatum that she’s not very happy about.  It turns out that Facebook is pissed off at the PodGal.

Hey, PodGuy had a Bday and he did a few different things, one being an Isolation Tank.  Immersed in salt water, surrounded by darkness, he came out a tad altered. They think that PodGal needs to experience the isolation tank as she’s very much into medication – listen to find out what might happen! PodGuy then talks about a childhood bday memory and a cake that his mom made based on a childhood tradition. Watch out for not just buttons, but the good luck googly eye.

Remember when PodGuy brought back the tantrum? Well, he’s added to his repertoire, PodGal feels it’s gone too far.

Can pranks go wrong? PodGay relays a story about a Hunter S. Thompson Prank and then PodGal remembers a few pranks in which she was involved: involving Crows, Sammy the Snake, a Treasure Garden, and legs in a pencil case.  

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