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PodGal remotes in for an impromptu podcast - she changes her plans from Walk to Talk.

Speaking of walking, have you noticed how no one ever stands still on the escalator anymore - no break there - 'Scuse me Scuse me, comin' through'. And have you ever had to ride a lift up AND down....PodGuy became a bit of a celeb as he rode the chairlift up and down.

PodGal's starting to write again and shares a diary entry. It seems that their Tech from Hell - Da Surface- is going thru. its own struggle. She'll tell you all about it.

PoGuy finds a long lost shoe!  If only he could find the other!

The PodCouple gives a few quick shout outs and gives an EVENT shout out to Carolla Drinks, Jay Miller and the gang as they prepare for their trip to Seattle to partake in the Carolla Drinks Bar Crawl.

PodGuy has been deep, deep into the research of business cards and what helps people to remember things. Not only was he deep, deep into research, but he must have been deep, deep undercover (you know how he lies that), as this is the first PodGal has heard about it.

PodGal has some weird experience re: recent recall.

There's another SHOUTOUT to Christina Dee Neetest on Instagram. She loves podcasts and does Drunken Drawings from her Porch.  PodGuy has a vision for his drawing.....

This moves to some talk (childhood memories) of Buddy the Horse. And then, it's a wrapl

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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