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Peaches Concert Review, Getting Caught in a Twerk Circle, and More

Peaches Review, Getting Caught in a Twerk Circle, PodGuy Pays It Forward and Much More

The Pod Couple kicks off the show talking about their experiences at the Peaches concert, which was filled with techno, sexual, raw energy rock, and a lot of nipple. FREE THE NIPPLE.  PodGal then recounts her experiences at the concert which includes the angst of being caught in a ‘twerk circle’ and the Vagina dancers, how the costume has changed since the last concert, and an epiphany.

PodGuy then Pays It Forward as only he can. He then consults his book again and questions the counter life of various products in the kitchen. Dougem’s chimes in and gives a spelling lessons – did you know that Maltesers is spelled with a Zed?

The group then talks about the new digs and some proposed changes including a turn table, a Pac Man shelf, a closet bar, lights, smoke, bubbles and much more.

Pod Guy wraps with a talk about a nifty kind of golfing.

Listen in!

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Guests: Dougems

Drops:  ‘Don’t Cut the Red Wire’, ‘Big Booty – it’s like a life form in itself’              

Drinks: White Sails Brewing Mount Benson IPA

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