The Pod Couple

The show kicks off with a grumpy PodGuy.  PodGal tries to cheer him up by telling about her creative way of taking notes and the latest lost and found drama. Hopefully she'll get a giggle, or at the very least a smile outta' her PodGuy!

PodGuy follows up by talking about how nice seniors are to the younger gen. and he learns a very valuable tip from Eileen his 'lawn bowling coach'.

PodGal then reads some emails from their Community Block Watch. The Block Watch shares some very scary news and PodGal ends up in a dilemma after a grizzly find. Speaking of which, they share some bear stories too.

They wrap with an update about short stories, and somehow Hugh Grants makes an appearance at the convo. 

Also, PodGuy gets a thumbs down by his big tease about reading something HILARIOUS to us.  Why does he make us wait?  Sad Face. 

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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 


Drinking List:  As PodGuy begrudgingly sips on his rum (Kirkland variety) and coke sans ice PodGal enjoys a nice quiet Phillip's BottleRocket

Drops:  'The body has been moved'

             'We're not making Hugh Grant a gimp', speaking of which, 'We're due for some Hugh Grant'.  Anybody? Anybody? .........Anybody?

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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