The Pod Couple
The Pod Couple kicks off the show with some Aztec pinball, Yoda, mustang and garage story. What? Where did PodDog go?
Speaking of which, they provide an update on their senior, senior canine and the dog year to human year conversion. PodGuy has some insight which definitely wasn't on the chart at the vet's!
Another reading fro the Book of Kenny Rogers takes place, ohm.  Thanks Kenny's Instagram!
PodGal gives PodGuy's beard a big ol' tug and she likes it. They venture into some more beard talk and PodGuy's incessant mail box checking and an upcoming segment or periscope broadcast is born.  Grow it down not out she says.
They talk about their latest day trip when they visit Angel Bright Park and happen upon a winery and some sheep goats. 
Crazy Ass Dream Talk - PodGal has had a couple of  dreams and she's considered abt what completion of the trilogy will bring.
PodGuy has a question for podgal about the twerking in her mind. PodGal is working on her twerk and has had some sleepless nights. Help.

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