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Hilarity ensues with Dave Peniuk as he talks about Celebrity Sightings including the Mile High Club, Crossing the Border Hacks, Humper Dogs, dreams coming true, being a winner, and yes bull’s milk!

All hopped up on warm bull’s milk – Dave Peniuk joins The Pod Couple to update us on his projects, playing crud and a Celebrity Sighting Game, they then get into HUMPER DOGS, frustrations, dreams becoming a reality and being a winner! 



(note all times are approximate!)

7:00 mins:  Crud Experience  - fun and frustrating. Overheard at the game: 'What a dick move',  'Someone dirtied themselves out', 'dirtied themselves on the bus', 'they dirtied themselves', 'she's dirty' 'serve me', 'hail to the king'.

13:27 mins:  Celebrity Sightings Play along.  

24:29 mins: Humper Dogs!  PodGal sees a video (link below)  and trauma surfaces. She's looking for help and has questions.  Whether its at a friends, on a trampoline or at a delphinium farm Humper Dogs are no laughing matter. Not cool. Have you ever 'owned' one.  Strategies on dealing with said dogs are welcome!

Trampoline Hump Dog Original


33:00 mins You know what isn’t fun - Teaching the elderly how to get on to  Amazon Alexa and Echo


36:56 mins – Dave has a life hack re: crossing the border. Creative ways to get across - let's hear more.

40:40 mins -  They wrap with dream talk. If you have a dream and you crap yourself, will you crap yourself in real life? Dream within a dream. Strategic sheet choice, but no matter what, Dave Peniuk always comes out a winner. 

Where to find Dave? Apparently your best bet is in first class or at the airport lounge. Barring that, give these sites a try:

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