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Hunkered away in studio, escaping the heat and escaping the smoke filled air (BC Wildfires), PodGuy talks about Shark Week, Sharknado and big plans for Shark Week 2018.

DESTINY is pulling up on the left – prepare to pull over.

PodGal has a new go to when anything uneventful is goin’ down.

PodGuy has some sad news – Art on Fire.  So sad Shag.  (the paintings should always go onthe tit’s side of the building)

CRUD virgin comes over to join the gang for a game of CRUD and the kickoff mission to find Tony Shalhoub takes place. 

Dimming the lights and monkey butler concerns. If there's an ape invasion, the Pod Couple is F'd.

A very weird BBQ experience – should PodGal do the on trend vomit?

What if Colonel Akbar joined the BBQ

What would you do if you were asked to don a blindfold on the way to a business lunch?

Join the Pod Couple for a round of WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

PodGuy has a life hack #143

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