The Pod Couple

Dougems joins The Pod Couple for an improvisational podcast with lots of laughter. They kick off the show recalling a Saturday that started off with a breakfast flight and ended at the casino.

PodGal happens upon a Pay Phone - and boy, does the group have plans for that pay phone! Brrrring.  


Have you checked out PodGuy's Musical Experience - if not, DO IT!  It's a few episodes back!

The City has a contest to name their new garbage trucks - you thought Boaty McBoat Face was bad? Well, listen in, as a mom, PodGal is offended.

Dougems talks  about his suit that has afull length zip, Shania Twain, The Grey Cup and The Oriental Express.

PodGal has a call of action for listeners to check out The Pod Couple Facebook page to see a video of a very cute bat. It’s a Fruit Bat/A Flying Fox that is taking the internet by storm. The group chats about it which leads to more chat about grubs, racoons and earthworms. Do you save the worms? 

PodGal has an update on PodGuy's ongoing Rolaids saga - want some?  

Coming up: Who Ya’ Gonna Call?  The Pod Couple.  On Dec. 13 – a The Pod Couple, Pod Paul and Jeff Carpenter are taking a  trip to an alleged haunted Inn on Quadra Island. They're spending the night in 3 very haunted rooms and will be podcasting before and after.

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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal

Guests: Regular on the show: Dougems and The Blazer

Twitter: @thepodcouple



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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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