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Guys Want Her and Girls Want To Be Her

PodGuy kicks off the show with a tad of Star Wars talk which ends with a bit of Lando Calrissian talk. God, don’t ya’ just love that name? And his blue cape? Yep, yep, we do!

And here’s the rest of the breakdown:

8:47 minutes in, PodGal has a question and she’s not certain that she likes what The Urban Dictionary has to say about Candy – who knew?

15:45 PodGuy reveals how he’s been spending some of his time – it’s spooky and involves the Ouija, an accident AND a boyfriend.

21:35 PodGal wants to go to a show to lift her spirits, and it involves horses and big white tents.

23:00 Learn about Shadow People

25:30 – Learn about the province’s new liquor laws that have pub owners hoppin’ mad at nearby bookstores and barbers. Good thing that the Ministry of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction is on it.

At the half hour mark, PodGal is going through her purse and finds a memento of their epic Vancouver Adventure. #thepodcouplesyegadventure – gotta’ love those Donnelly Group of pubs and restaurants – they’ve got sausages.

43:30 brings us more Hair Cut Horror. You know it’s bad when there is zero acknowledgment of the new do – like no comments – like what so ever.

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal 

Drinks:   Yellow Dog Bewing Co. Red Nose Red Ale Limited Release Brought to you by cfox.

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