The Pod Couple

The show kicks off with a bit of chaos. When will PodGuy learn NOT to wear his milk bone suit?! It made PodDog all crazy and created a huge distraction. CHAOS, I say!

Friend of the show, Yoda, joins to answer a few questions. 

PodGal provides updates on a number of topics:  the rock polisher (which involves the mystery of the disappearing rocks), the phone case situation, the towel management system, and a Weird Al update (he's sure making a come back).

They couple continues to look for an email from a listener so that they can send out a prize and a polished rock!  Come on!!! Send in those emails!

Segments emerge with a reading from the girly book, Versus from PodGuy's fox book and the potential of a Weird Al segment/update.  Let's get Weird Al to join the show for an episode and, maybe even join in their Easter Keg Hunt!  And, PodGal can't wait to discuss hair challgnges with Al!


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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal with ear flapping by PodDog in the background

Drinks: a very forgettable cheap bottle of red

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!




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