The Pod Couple

NOTE: this episode may contain more Star Wars SPOILERS

Ep.15 starts off with PodGal hosting the cast, PodGuy being concerned about some technical issues and his admission of being 'in a bit of a mood'.

The PodCouple is joined by Yoda who answers some questions. He works his magic to lighten up the mood and seems fairly agreeable.

The conversation turns to awkward, and dare I say, inappropriate body part questions.

Finally, the PodCouple talks about how behind they are, not even having celebrated New Years and it being the end of January already, the making of a movie and what a time sucker that has turned out to be. And then in the last minutes they pose the question of the day to Cortana and struggle with getting her to work. In the end, Cortana leaves the scene and never does answer their question.

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