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This podcast contains Star Wars SPOILERS

Well, he had called himself a Star Wars Fan, but some are calling him out on this since he's so late seeing new Film. What do you think?!

The Pod Couple sits down, freshly back from the movie. They discuss the movie, the surprise at the character driving the story, their view on the REAL star of the show, R2D2 vs BB8 (who would you rather hang out with?), and much more.  BTW, Pod Gal, not being a Power Sitter, is exhausted after spending the day sitting for over 14 hours. It's made her fidgety and it catches up to her as she learns, the hard way, that a lot can happen in a movie during the time it takes to drop a phone and recover it.

They ponder about the method of communication.....really, the futuristic society has mastered travelling to new galaxies and solar systems, but delivering a message is still accomplished via hologram delivered by a droid - seems odd.  Reminds of owls and carrier pigeon delivery......come on!

They are also hoping that you can get in touch with them. Pod Guy is going to help Pod Gal in responding to the emails.

Listen closely and see if you can hear Pod Dog's ear flapping! Pod Dog is always near by! She might make an 'appearance' on the show soon.


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