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Buckle up - very special guest, Space Goat (goat, goat, goat....), joins The Pod Couple on this extremely entertaining podcast.  If you’ve never met a Space Goat then you are in for a treat, and, well, if you have, you know that you are gonna' wanna' tune in!  Don't miss this one!

PodGal kicks off the show with some quick updates:

  • Lilies spoiling dinner
  • Prometheus – watch out for that clover
  • The Succulent Army
  • PodDog

Space Goat shares his origin story, and it’s all kinds of crazy fun.

Remember Truck Balls?  Well, PodGuy talks about the next best thing.

In preparation for an upcoming event, a rock, paper scissors challenge between Space Goat and PodGal takes place. One, Two….. 

PodGal talks about a special kind of paint party, and PodGuy brings up the big stink about Bob Ross’ hair.

Time  travel – is it really possible? Space Goat sets the scene and from there, the group speculates about where they would travel to and how not to mess up past events.

This morphs into chat about more jobs going to Mr. Roboto, flipping out over pumping your own gas, and a time travellin’ tourism.

They wrap with a recap of Coca Cola’s PlantMatter and King Spring.

I'm going to give KING SPRING his own line!!! He deserves it!

Hosts:PodGuy and PodGal

Music:Vexento – Where We Belong

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Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!

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