The Pod Couple

Podguy proclaims this podcast to be "Podcouple Gold"

Lots of ENERGY in this podcast and LOL's aplenty  

Hot questions! What kind of dino that's short for dinosaur  would you ride?

Need a hat? Lids is always open

Itchin’, hankerin’, 

The Pod Couples stories have gone Missing in Isolation.

Oh Hold on, PodGal found one!

What kind of tattoo would you get and where?

In the great afternoon sun, amidst the rock collection of the flower bed, the crows played a trick on the Pod Couple.

Crow Sounds -you know who can do one?  The World Could Do With A Little Harland Crow Sounds.

Harland wrote a Tiki book! No wait the Podcouple did

Come read with us

We would be elated 

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