The Pod Couple

The gang’s all together and in great spirits.  PodGuy is misbehaving and blaming it on that book that he didn’t read, Mark Manson’s ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’. 

They move on to that time they encountered a giant stone penis and ended up gobbling up some goat cheese.

Space Goat talks weather and educates us on why we do it? This breaks into some role playing and analysis.

They talk Burt Reynolds and you’re in for a treat as Space Goat interprets how Burt really died. 

Space goat dazzles us with science: what’s better than a flying car and glowing sea creatures.

They wrap with picking who they would invite to a kegger. Who's your pick?

Hosts:PodGuy and PodGal

Guests:Space Goat

Music:Vexento – Where We Belong and all of songs that go with the brews

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Books:Presidential 21 on Smashwords

Have a great day - hope it just got a little bit better!